Ansar Bayt Almaqudes launches a new video

#Ansar_Bayt_Almaqudes launches a new video. The video starts with the remains of houses damaged in Sinai. Then comes a woman saying"we're not terrorists, Israel are the terrorists not us".

They keep showing more damaged houses and burned corpses with the voice of one of Alsisi leaks in which he says that it's not the Army's role to fight against terrorism.

The video then shows a young man telling he's from North Sinai confessing his cooperation with the Israeli Mossad. He tells how they used to enter Israel easily with a car drove by a masked guy. He told he got paid 4000$ then 7000$ then 2500$. He also tells that they asked him about tunnels, rockets, religiously committed people, any news, who got rockets in the region, a guy's position, they also asked about a lot of people( the voice was stopped while telling their names). He tells he had 4 missions to do in Sinai (the voice was stopped while telling the details).
He tells the names of other men working with Mossad in Sinai  ( the voice was stopped while telling their names).

Then he starts to read a message from Ansar Bayt Almaqudes to all those who work as Mossad Agents that they have to repent and then will be accepted and forgiven other wise they will face a bad fate.

The video then shows a checkpoint made by Ansar Bayt Almaqudes members at the entrance of #Rafah city checking cars and people searching for those agents.