Sinai daily brief 13-10-2013

- Arish public hospital opens Tumors Surgery Department and the first surgery was operated successfully for removing a Pancreatic Tumor.

-Mobile and Internet connections were disabled while more military operations were taking place east of Arish and west of Sheikh Zuwaid.

- An explosion in Rafah leaving one soldier injured.

- An attack on soldiers transportation vehicles in Sheikh Zuwaid, a citizen was killed and other two including a woman was injured in addition to 3 injured soldiers.

- CSF arrested 6 Sudanese and 3 Eritreans were trying to illegally infiltrate to Israel from the borders in Central Sinai.

- Militants attacked an armored near Sheikh Zuwaid  public hospital, no injuries were reported.

- A check point south of Arish was attacked.

- 8 citizens were injured in an accident in Bir Alabd.

- An armored was saved from an IED hidden by militants in Arish Airport  road .

-" Alfayrouz Youth Group" started their initiative against harassment down town Arish.

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