Girls' daily suffering


      About a week ago I was talking with my friends about sexual harassment, in such talks you can see that sexual harassment is so common that every woman has a lot of situations to tell. We all have experienced very bad situations, but some affected us so much that we can never forget them. We all agreed that public transportation traffics are the most common places for sexual harassment, so the girl must be always armed with a scarf pin to defend herself against harassers. Sexual harassment types rank from words to the last steps before raping.  Those types related to just using words or staring at the girl are not considered harassment according to guys although being so offensive for the girls. Every girl has unforgettable offensive specific situations that may even affect her whenever she's in the same circumstances. For example: being touched by someone behind her while sitting in the bus, which makes her always put something behind her in the bus chair whenever she sits in a bus. Another bad experience is when a man touches a girl with his sexual organ or tries to touch hers with his hands. Two of my friends found guys trying to touch their bodies with their sexual organs and in the two situations men saw that and helped them.

     A while ago this disease was so limited and the cases were so little. But the phenomenon increases over the time. In the past whenever a man tries to do any harm to a girl, he faces many other men who harry to defend her. Now, men may help the victim but the harassers have become so rude that they start yelling and accusing the girl with touching and seducing them and sometimes people believe that. This makes many girls fear of shouting asking for help when they get harassed.

     The age of harassers now starts from preparatory school age which is about 12 but has no limits. The surprising thing about the age issue is that harassers are not only young guys, but very old men annoy young girls in buses or other places as my friend tells that a 60 years old man or even older kept trying to touch her leg with his while sitting in a bus. People always care about how to make their daughters able to defend themselves, but my friend had a great question. She was wondering about how to make her son treat women well and never harass a girl, although her son is still so young. I kept thinking about her question, and I think the idea is that families always focus on the girl and her clothes. So, if the girl is wearing so modest clothes according to their standards -that vary -the girl is good and will not get harassed. But girls who don't follow their standards in clothes are just impolite and want to get harassed. So, boy harass those girls because they think this is their wish and also to punish them for being bad from their point of view. However, girls with very modest clothes and even those wearing face veil (Niqab) are not safe from sexual harassment.

     Sexual harassment has seasons and daily rush hours. The seasons are all the time of celebrating any occasions because this includes a lot of crowds. Here, the seasons are all the feasts and days like Sham Elnaseem.  In such days harassers gather in groups and start harassing every girl they pass by. The daily rush hours are those hours including crowds due to the time for leaving work or school.

     Finally, I want to say there's still hope. Yesterday, I was walking while preparatory schools boys and girls filled the street after their exam. A boy was trying to annoy the girls passing from this street, but another young boy started shouting at him to stop specially that some of those girls were his neighbors then came another young boy shouting and telling that he will not let any boy annoy the girls. I was happy to see that and felt so much hope. However there is a lot to be done to face this problem. There must be a cooperation between NGOs, The ministry of Education, school teachers, religious men, volunteers ...etc to use every possible means to limit this phenomenon as much as possible. Girls must learn how to defend themselves, never to be shy to stop the harasser and tell about him, and talk about such situations without fear. Boys must learn how to respect women in general , never approach them with any harm and how to help women in such situations. Boys must also learn that it's not their role to punish girls who don't wear modest clothes to judge them and that girl's clothes is not an excuse for him to harass her anyway. There must be harsh applied punishment for the harassers too.